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Speak Spanish. A practical self-study guide (A1-A2)

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Poziom: A1 A2

With this book you will learn Spanish thanks to clear explanatory notes, easy-to-follow layout and hundreds of example sentences.

Do you want to speak Spanish and understand what Spanish people say? With this new way of practising the language you will have the chance to learn and communicate in Spanish effectively.

The course starts with the most basic concepts and takes  the student on a journey towards more advanced grammar. It contains lists of sentences sorted according to grammar points. The explanatory notes provided next to the sentences clearly present the theory and point out common mistakes made by learners.

In this book you will: 

  • find helpful language guidelines provided in English,  
  • learn the basics of Spanish grammar,  
  • correct your mistakes on your own,
  • practise useful Spanish phrases that will facilitate everyday communication,
  • improve your listening comprehension and your pronunciation along with the downloadable course in MP3 format.

This is an excellent book both for those who are just beginning their adventure with Spanish, as well as for teachers of Spanish as a foreign language who are looking for additional material.


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  • Autor: Magdalena Filak
  • ISBN: 978-83-64211-82-9
  • Rok wydania: 2018
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